Product Update – July

It’s hard to believe we are well on our journey to being a risk platform, with the launch of Spotrisk on Shopify App Store a little over three months ago, the first of many integrations in the pipeline.
Since then, the Spotrisk team has been hard at work delivering some highly anticipated new features to help merchants protect their online stores and streamline their risk processes. 

Check out some of the newness below as well as what’s coming out next!

Block Bad Actors – Permanently

We know that merchants are often the target of a repeat fraudulent offender, who change their IP, payment and delivery details at will to place order after order.
We heard that Shopify merchants needed a way to block these bad actors from not only purchasing from their store again, but also to flag the buyers details across the Spotrisk network so that it flags the buyer if they attempt to purchase from another Spotrisk merchant. This builds a profile of bad actors leveraging device fingerprinting and behavioural tracking.

Read more about the Buyer block feature here.

Order Status visibility using Shopify Tags

Now anyone in your business who is logged into your Shopify account can see if an order has been Flagged or Escalated by Spotrisk – without leaving Shopify.
Spotrisk uses Shopify tags to alert your team to any order that has not passed the risk threshold, so that it can be actioned while your team focuses on fulfilling genuine orders.

Read more about the new Shopify Tags here.

Fortnightly Risk Reports

Spotrisk will send you an emailed report every two weeks giving you greater visibility over your the risk of not only your store, but also industry specific trends and patterns we are setting across our networks.

Let us know if there is other information that you would like to see added to this report!

BigCommerce Spotrisk Integration [COMING IN AUGUST] 

Spotrisk is extending is risk functionality and network effect and releasing its upcoming BigCommerce integration. If you know another online retailer who is using BigCommerce and would benefit from the protection of Spotrisk let us know their email address, and if they become a Spotrisk customer we will give you $150 Visa Gift Card – It’s that easy!

Buyer Verification [COMING IN AUGUST] 

Still unsure if the buyer behind a flagged order is genuine or fraudulent? Using Spotrisk’s new verification process, merchants can request that the buyer verify themselves using additional data points that only a genuine customer would know.

If you have any feedback on Spotrisk or want to talk directly with one of our fraud prevention experts get in contact via to set up a time to talk.

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