Prevent chargebacks, increase revenue.

Stop fraud and chargebacks before they happen with Spot's smart risk analysis capabilities. Thousands of data points are used to determine which orders are flagged as risky and which are genuine.

  • 63% of ecommerce merchants report regularly sending potentially fraudulent orders due to uncertainty and limited resources.
  • >25% increase in fraudulent order attempts in 2021.

Keep your personal touch while boosting trust across the fulfillment process

Our customisable toolkit is tailor-made for small to mid sized online retailers. Process orders with ease knowing that every one you send brings delight to genuine customers. This means your shop, your way.

Here's how it works


Connect your store with a few clicks

Simply sign up and link your store to get started. It's free, you don't need a credit card, and your Shopify or Bigcommerce store won't be impacted.

Integrate with your store

Customise your risk tolerance

You can set Spot up to be more or less sensitive to signs of fraud. Depending on your preferences, orders can be blocked automatically, or flagged for manual review.

Spot keeps watch

Spot checks every incoming order

Incoming orders are analysed on hundreds of data points, including browsing behaviour, payment info, location/IP info, and customer contact information

Fraudlant orders get blocked

Risky orders are blocked or flagged for review

Spotrisk will flag risky orders for review. From here, you can block or accept the order, contact the customer, or escalate the order to our fraud experts for manual review.

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Fraudlant orders get blocked

Your complete
risk toolkit

Customer block & allow lists

Block known-fraudsters permanently, or build a whitelist so your best customers don't have their orders flagged.

API access

Extend and customise Spotrisk to suit your unique business needs with API access.

Customer messaging

Email customers easily from within Spotrisk to quickly check if an order is legitimate. When they reply, mark the order as safe.

Escalation services

Our fraud experts are always here if you need them. If you're particularly unsure of an order, escalate it and we'll take a look.

Real time dashboard

Our live dashboard lets you see how much fraud Spotrisk is blocking, and how much you're saving in the process.

Dedicated customer support

We're available to help Spotrisk users via chat, email and phone support. Get in touch if you need anything.

See how our customers are finding Spotrisk

“Since we started using Spotrisk we know that we are protected against risky orders. Now we can concentrate on shipping product to customers, not reviewing orders”

Be the brand that online shoppers trust

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