Know which shopper is genuine and which is fraudulent

No one wants a scary metal detector at your shopfront. Spot makes silent checks on each order, and rejects fraudulent online purchases ensuring genuine customers have a frictionless experience from purchase to delivery.

  • 63% of ecommerce merchants report regularly sending potentially fraudulent orders due to uncertainty and limited resources.
  • >50% More than half of those retailers also report not sending potentially genuine orders for the same reasons.

Keep your personal touch while boosting trust across the fulfillment process

Our customisable toolkit is tailor-made for small to mid sized online retailers. Process orders with ease knowing that every one you send brings delight to genuine customers. This means your shop, your way.

Here's how it works


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Spot keeps watch

Spot is trained with the latest tech to review every new order for you. Spot analyses payment, customer and inventory patterns to build an advanced risk profile of each order, in real time.

Spot keeps watch

Fraudlant orders get blocked

Depending on your risk settings, Spot can flag at-risk orders for manual review, or decline them for you. Each time this happens, Spot learns and grows its ability to protect your store against future fraud.

Fraudlant orders get blocked

Your complete

Automated Fraud Detection

We review each order, so every purchase you receive is genuine.

Realtime Dashboard

Our live dashboard lets you see the benefits of Spot working in real time.

Advanced Assessments

Discover the trends, patterns and drivers of attempted fraud in your business.

Block & Allow Lists

Block known-fraudsters from making purchases permanently.

Custom Rules & Alerts

Personalise Spot's responsiveness to catch all types of fraud.

API Access

Innovate and customise the platform to suit your own business needs.

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"Spotrisk has been a game changer for us. One of the best ecommerce services for merchants we have come across."
Andrew and Rosa-Clare Williams
Owners, Vesa Suri Brewery

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